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What is the Brave Web Browser?

What is the Brave Web Browser?

Brave is free, decentralized and open source browser which is made on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founded by Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brave is search engine that aims to revolutionize the browsing and advertising experience also because the way web works today.

This program looks and works like Chrome, but the similarities stop there.

Brave is far quite a browser. Designed with a built-in ad and tracker blocker, it’ll automatically block ads, website tracking, malware, phishing, plugins and every one unwanted content.

Providing a safer, faster and ad-free browsing experience to all or any internet users.

And most significantly, Brave features a reward system that incentivizes readers and content creators with its Basic Attention Token (BAT).

What Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum based token created along with the platform to provide some reward to its users and content creators.

It pays users for his or her attention, publishers and creators for his or her content while providing advertisers with bigger returns for his or her ads.

Can I earn money from Brave browser?

How to Join and Earn From Brave Ads

Brave Ads are enabled by default in Brave Rewards, providing the power to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) whenever you view a billboard.

You’ll earn 70% of the total ad revenue that the company receive from advertisers.

In exchange for your attention, you’ll accumulate tokens as you browse.

How to Join and Earn From Brave Ads

  • Download and install Brave browser on your computer.
  • Open Brave Browser and click on “BAT triangle logo” at the highest right corner of your screen.
  • Turn on “Brave Rewards” and “Ads”.
  • Click on “Ads Settings” and choose the utmost number of ads you would like to ascertain per hour (1 to five per hour).
  • That’s it. You’ll receive push notification ads that’s not disruptive and relevant consistent with your ads settings.

Earn Brave Rewards as a Content Creator

You can also earn Brave as a podcaster, band, blogger, YouTuber, you’ll join Brave Rewards program for Creators and begin monetizing your content.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll also make money by adding your Twitch channel.

With Brave Rewards, users can send BAT tips on to any sites and content providers.

With just a click on their browser , your followers, subscribers, readers can automatically make a one-time donation or found out a monthly schedule to anonymously support your website or channel.

This way, you’ll specialise in doing what you are doing best while getting paid directly for your content.

As a content creator, you not need to believe ad revenue.

To start earning BAT rewards, you’ll got to add your site or channel to Brave Rewards.

How To Add Channel to Brave Creator:

  • Download and install Brave browser on your computer.
  • Sign up a free account on Brave Creator.
  • Once you register as a Brave Creator, you’ll now add your website, YouTube channel, Vimeo, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Twitch by clicking “+Add a Channel”.
  • Once your site is verified, you’ll start receiving BAT donations from Brave users.

Withdraw your earned BAT from Android & iOS Versions of Brave

In order to withdraw or cashout your BAT from Brave and iOS wallets, an equivalent process of verifying your details with uphold account applies.

If you’ve got 25 BAT and meet the limit, to commence verification in Brave, select the icon “Verify Wallet”.

Does brave actually pay?

Brave Ads is an opt-in advertising platform that rewards you to look at non-invasive ads without compromising your privacy.

In exchange for listening , you earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave receives.

That revenue comes within the sort of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), 7 which are tokens which will be spent online

How much bat does one earn using brave?

5 ads are the very best you’ll get per hour. for instance you’ll use the browser for 12 hours per day.

You’ll earn 5 ads for12 hours . And we know that 1 bat *30 days = 180 bats

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