Earn money online(Dust mining)

Yes! You heard it right Earn money online , DUST mining is a minable cryptocurrency that can earn while chatting on Telegram, One message will give you one dust coin which can be withdraw into bank.

What is dust mining?

DUST mining is related to cryptoworld that can be a minable cryptocurrency that you simply can earn during the chatting on Telegram.

Many Telegram users are already buying and selling NFTs using the DUST cryptocurrency.

DUST mining started as an initiative to reward people that were building communities, Channels, Groups and contributing to project development.

Other social media like Twitter refer DUST as “Magical in-game crypto you’ll get by turning discussion groups and games into mines.”

When Telegram channel owners add the DUST miner to their channel, everyone within gains DUST for every message they send in their channel. It is sent on the blockchain in instant-time and verified immediately with no middleman or centralized wallet.

Telegram channels which feature DUST mining are known as NFT centric. After seeing the result, many have also begun to offer their NFTs for DUST.

One of the key advantages that DUST has the advantage is its accessibility. Anyone who want to join it, with a phone can participate, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, unlike other cryptocurrencies.

You send a message, and you get DUST for it, simple.

How to start dust mining?

1) Get a WAX wallet For Mining

Your initiative is to form an account which can hold your DUST.

Getting a WAX wallet is both fast and convenient for you.

2- Simply open WAX wallet and sign up.

You’ll be given a WAX wallet address which you have use in the next step.

3- Open Telegram and join the Magic Dust (DUST) channel.

After you complete human verification, you would like to sync your WAX wallet address to your Telegram.

If the all things will be perfect then bot alert you with “Player has added“.

Here we will understand it through example:-

To do this, type /sync together with your WAX wallet address following.

For example, “/sync abcde.wam“. If you did it correctly the bot will say “Player has been added.”

However, if you get the error message:
“A wallet for this user has already been synced”

So it’s indicated that you haven’t set the username for your account. Once you have been added, each chat message you send, will earn a DUST token.

You do not got to /sync for every channel you join. To see what proportion you’ve got collected, type /balance in chat.

See below for more bot commands.

You can check your wallet transactions on wax.bloks.io to make sure you are getting dust when messaging on telegram.

Some useful DUST Bot commands

/balance Displays the entire DUST you’ve got in your wallet.

/stake Shows your total stakes

/stakedhere Shows all staked (to this mine)

/top Shows the Top Miners

Chat and Start DUST Mining

All channels that have already DUST mining enabled, they will now reward you automatically. And even you can see which channels have the DUST bot by searching the member list for “@dustminerbot“.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s activated and allowing you to mine DUST. These are the channels that have the DUST mining bot. It doesn’t mean they will allow to mine dust.

How to add Dust to your Wax wallet?

How to add Dust to your Wax wallet

You can have DUST visible and showing in your WAX wallet by manually adding it to your token list.

But You must first navigate to WAX Cloud Wallet click on Manage near the Token list and Add your Custom Token.


Certain NFTs multiply the quantity of DUST you’ll earn. DUST enhancers allow you to earn more for every new message. Stacking these NFTs can make mining much more worthwhile.

However, let suppose the current maximum of DUST you can earn is 5 per message. Because All the Dust NFTs allow you to mine between 2-5 dust per message.

If you want to get it enabled by the Dust Team you must submit an application first to @kryptomike, alternatively, you can message Mike, and he’ll send you the application. Then full that carefully.

To incentivize channel owners to try to this, for each dust that’s mined, the mine operator also receives one.

However, there are requirements that help to prevent bad actors from abusing the system.

Dust Mine Requirements:

Dust Mine Requirements

200k dust stake to niftywizards.

Need To learn the way to stake DUST tokens, Owner of room recommended to setup Anti-Flood controls with @MissRose_Bot or equivalent bot.

The group must have at least 100 members. The group must have admins who actively moderate the chat to prevent spammers and excessive Dust farming (too many one and two-word messages).

So this way you can easily earn money online from your telegram channel and earn dust coin. And we hope that you will utilize it.

We will back with another hot topic till stay tuned with us.

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